In today's moving world, it is not enough to be equipped with what we can teach your children in the classroom. Beyond the Classroom is where we aim to take your children. Be it through culture, sports or services to the less privileged.

IRA World School curriculum is based on a theory of Multiple Intelligence given by Prof. Howard Gardner. According to him every human being have multiple intelligence, these intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened. Each person has a different intellectual composition. We can improve education by addressing multiple intelligences of our students. Our curriculum focus on the developing these intelligences in a child through a process

  • Where we make education an experience,
  • Instill peruse of Excellence,
  • Develop an ability to balance in academics, arts and athletics to bring out child??s best,
  • Inculcate habits of community service, leadership and friendship.

IRA World School is a team of dedicated and talented faculty who challenge, inspire and nurture, a carefully planned curriculum and customized extra-curricular activities helps a child's all round development.