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We at IRA World School revolves around an active and happy learning community of students, teachers and parents representing many nationalities, cultures and languages. To make each family feel welcome and included, and to assure?parents of a safe and secure schooling environment for their children, we encourage open channels of communication. Through informal get-together on campus, discussions at the specially assigned parent room' to service-oriented projects which involve meaningful participation with local communities, we create opportunities for families to quickly belong to a supportive group of friends anLifd get involved with the school at multiple levels.

Communication at IRA World School capitalizes on technology and the advantages of virtual connectivity. Through our website, detailed and up-to-date information on the school is always just a click away. We are also implementing state-of-the-art software to offer secure and interactive online systems of communication that will supplement the teaching process, streamline assessment procedures, give instant access to student reports, maintain archives and enhance the overall effectiveness of the learning experience.